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The honey that protects the forest and nature.

PEFC flower honey comes from sustainable forests that are PEFC certified, in these forests controlled forest management is carried out to promote the ecosystem and biodiversity. 

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Our beekeepers collect flower honey from PEFC-certified land, respecting their chain of custody.

COLOUR: Amber, from light to dark, 34 – 85 mm Pfund.

AROMA: Floral aroma, intense and persistent.

INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: Alone or dissolved in drinks, hot or cold. Also as an ingredient in the preparation of all kinds of sauces, kitchen dishes, cosmetics and food preparations for the care of people and animals.

PRODUCTION AREA: Calcareous and warm areas of Catalonia and East and South of the Iberian Peninsula

PRODUCTION PERIOD: Land with PEFC certification.

ALLERGENS: Does not contain GLUTEN: Does not contain

TECHNOLOGICAL TREATMENTS: Packaged at room temperature

STORAGE CONDITIONS: Store at room temperature in a cool, dry place.

SHELF LIFE OF THE PRODUCT: Two years, and without exceeding 40 mg/Kg HMF


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