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Muria Bio



COOKING USE: This product combines well with dairy fruit, bread and in baking instead of sugar, in salad dressings and sauces for meat and fish.


Flower honey from organic farming

Certified ES-ECO-019-CT

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COLOUR:  Amber, from light to dark

AROMA: Floral aroma, intense and lasting

HOW TO USE: On its own or dissolved in cold or hot drinks, and as an ingredient in any type of sauces, cooking recipes, cosmetic recipes and dietary complement food preparations for the health of people or animals. 

PRODUCTION AREA: All over the Iberian Peninsula

PRODUCTION TIME: From begining of spring until end of autumn.

ALLERGENS: It does not contain allergens.

GLUTEN: It does not contain allergens.

TECHNOLOGICAL TREATMENTS: Warming to at most 45ºC.

PRESERVATION CONDITIONS: Keep at room temperature in a cool and dry place.

LIFESPAN OF THE PRODUCT: Two years, and without exceeding 40 mg/kg HMF

Características Fisico-Químicas: Color 34 - 85 (mm Pfund)
Características Fisico-Químicas: Humedad Máximo 18,5%
Características Fisico-Químicas: Fructosa+Glucosa Mínimo 60%
Características Fisico-Químicas: Sacarosa Máximo 5%
Características Fisico-Químicas: Conductividad Eléctrica 0,80 (mS/cm)
Características Fisico-Químicas: Acidez Libre Máximo 50 (meq/Kg)
Características Fisico-Químicas: HMF Máximo 40 (mg/Kg)
Características Fisico-Químicas: Diastasas Mín. 8, o bien Mín. 3 si HMF menos de 15 ppm
Características Microbiológicas: Aerobios mesófilos (31 1ºC) Máximo 10000 ufc/g.
Características Microbiológicas: Enterobasteriaceae totales Ausencia/g.
Características Microbiológicas: E.coli Ausencia/g.
Características Microbiológicas: Salmonella-Shigelia Ausencia/ 30g.
Características Microbiológicas: Mohos y levaduras Máximo 300 ufc/g.

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