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Muria Bio



INGREDIENTS: Thousand flowers honey (99%), Vanilla powder (1%)

Logoeco.jpgThousand flowers honey with vanilla from organic farming

Certified ES-ECO-019-CT

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COLOUR:  Amber

AROMA: Markedly dominant spicy vanilla smell, that increases in the mouth, only then you can appreciate the floral from the honey.

HOW TO USE: On its own or dissolved in cold or hot drinks, and as an ingredient in any type of sauces, cooking recipes, cosmetic recipes and dietary complement food preparations for the health of people or animals. 

PRODUCTION AREA: All over the Iberian Peninsula

PRODUCTION TIME: From begining of spring until end of autumn.

ALLERGENS: It does not contain allergens.

GLUTEN: It does not contain allergens.

TECHNOLOGICAL TREATMENTS: Warming to at most 45ºC.

PRESERVATION CONDITIONS: Keep at room temperature in a cool and dry place.

LIFESPAN OF THE PRODUCT: Two years, and without exceeding 40 mg/kg HMF


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